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APIS++ Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System

superior since 1972

Unique features of APIS++ dramatically improve safety and significantly reduce turn-around time.

  • FMT invented the Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) in 1972 and has continued to innovate since

  • Exclusive FMT azimuth guidance system provides real-time uninterruptable azimuth guidance visible to both pilots

  • APIS++ is a reliable, fast and easy system to setup and manage

  • High redundancy through the use of of independent sub systems

  • Only APIS++ can individually identify an aircraft with 100% certainty

  • Internal camera for stand surveillance and to record events on the stand

  • Only APIS++ can guide the pilot even prior to laser aircraft identification

  • Azimuth guidance is totally independent from the laser and can be provided at a distance of 200m

  • A patented feature continuously verifies laser measurements against the ground during the whole docking process

  • Only APIS++ has azimuth guidance that provides continuous and accurate guidance in real time

  • Laser accuracy exceeds ICAO Annex 14 standard and allow the Passenger Boarding Bridge to automatically connect to the aircraft

  • Only APIS++ performs obstacle scanning before and during the docking process